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Next castle. [concluded]

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  • Next castle. [concluded]

    Why is the cost of settling a next castle rising while waiting for the resources to be available?
    And why is it that expensive?

    Why not just have a fixed amount?
    Just build my palace and the cost of the next castle is a total surprise which might take me another day to gather.

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    Opening an expansion is just one of the bonuses the palace provides. The cost of an expand is actually based on your production. If you don't gain any more people. The cost will stay the same. I can tell you that expanding is calculated very well within the economy.

    It is made so its notable step in development. No something you just do anyway. You can divert resources to it or, keep it off for a while.

    I assume from all of your questions you are not used to being able to specialize so many things from the start. For instance you can entirely avoid expanding for a while and devote your resources to armies to fight people after the beginner protection period expires.

    We think that not being able to have everything makes what you have somewhat more valuable. And we strive to give you many various ways to apply that.

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      It does make sence.

      Once settled a huge amount of those resources end up in that new castle, is that on purpose to and why?
      I now have 200K wood in a castle i just settled, i'd rather seen the cost of settling a bit less and only get a (small) fixed amount in the new castle.
      Say 50K-40K-30K-20K ?
      With that amount you could build a lot to, though when settling on long distance this might be more usefull so an option to select whatever amount you want to send maybe?


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        Sure, I'll add this up to the new features list. But you understand these things are minor refinements... Currently we are tending to freezing marches, map bugs and a few other issues that are much more troublesome...

        Either way there are a lot of details like the ones you already described that we intend on improving. This is just the start, there are still new marches on the way, alliances, end game npcs. The beta has and still is providing us with great feedback.

        As for the resources in the new castle ... It would have been worse to leave your new castle empty. It was quicker for us to just give you a portion of the cost than to implement an a mechanic and interface for manual distribution. After all if you don't want to keep all of it there, you can send whatever you want to another city via move resources march. (the population returns after they drop off the resources)