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Removing "Mines" Again

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  • Removing "Mines" Again

    So, I made a thread a little while back saying I was experiencing issues with destroying mines that I had more than one of. I later said it was irrelevant now, but it's not. Ended up having counted wrong and thus still am experiencing a problem. I would like to remove a random level 1 stonecutter I made to replace it with a smelter in my second city. I understand the "need" for one, but why force me to have two? This is forcing me to build 4 farms, 6 major resources, 4 secondary, and 2 of the stonecutters which I don't desire as much. In most of my other cities i'm building 4 farms, 6 major resources, 5 secondary major resources, and 1 lesser important one (often the lowest +% or greatest -% then just comparing the best resources to produce best financially).

    As a side note, I would like to say i've done the analytical mathematics for production and see that 4 level 10 farms provides for 4 level 12 houses with level 40 civil governance. This amount of population (116,000), provides enough population to work 6 "mines" (except for farms). With the current max on "mine" buildings of 16, it upsets me that I can't build 4 farms, 2 sets of 6, and the forced 1. Ideally I would like to produce either of the primary resources as I see needed in any given one of my cities that have the ideal 4/6/6/1 setup.

    I would like to point out I did the math because i'm not maxed at this point. So, I would like to say as a disclaimer I am unaware of any space restraints with the current city walls that would disallow for an additional "mine."

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    we've had a look at your 2nd city Bethim. There wasn`t a second stonecutter there. Are you sure you are still having trouble with those. Please have a look at the screenshot from your account and let us know if there is a mistake there
    You should also take care of the deserter units in your capital, you wouldnt want to let them leave like that, right?
    MTR team