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demolish buildings / No tax income

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  • demolish buildings / No tax income

    How come it's only possible to demolish buildings in the capital but not in any other city?
    Also, what is the requirement to get tax in a city? I have 3 cities but only two of them have tax collection. The one that doesn't is the newest city - 3-4 days old.

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    Demolishing is allowed in some cases of non essential buildings. Doesn't matter where you are. I'll take a look at your cities and taxations and see whats up.


    You tax your cities from the capital. All of them. When you open the menu you can see them listed with their names. Basically each row of smileys represents a city. And you have yet to set the taxes for your third city. Its using the left most option - thus giving you no gold.

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      Thanks. Looks like I forgot about having to manually set the tax for each city. It's set now.

      Is there a way to tell which are, and which aren't, "essential buildings"?


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        when you establish/ colonize a new territory and create new city the tax is automatically set to average so that you dont lose happiness in that city. Once you change the tax you should keep an eye on the happiness loss. If it drops too low your resource production will be lowered by a certain %; when it reaches 0 your workers will stop gathering resources until you get 1 or more happiness
        Regarding the demolishing - we can create a help article in our help section or include the information in the "Buildings/ Construction" article
        I hope you find the answer helpfull ^^

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      Other than opening, each type of building and checking if it allows you - no There is an improvement planned for that matter but I can't say when it will be out. Generally you can demolish mines down to 2 of each. (so you can change your mind about which you want to have 6 of), extra army buildings, market and dungeons. Its really an emergency feature not something thats used often.


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        I hope there is a change to how to tell which buildings can or cannot be demolished, and why it is the way it is, because I've tried to use the "wiki" and it's not very helpful.

        Also, speaking of buildings. I find it irritating that in order to build certain production buildings I have to have built certain other buildings. Like smelters. I was planning to set up a village with only stone and another with only smelters, but in order to do that I have to have a lumber mill before I can build stone quarry, and I need both of them to have smelters. Why do we need to have lumber mills to produce stone? Why do we need timber AND stone to produce iron? I don't want all my villages to be identical. I was hoping for greater freedom in that department.
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          considering you only need to build one of the required buildings - it really isnt such an issue. I build 1 Lumbermill and 1 Stonecutter and nothing stops you from having the 6 Smelters. As for the question - why you should build them;
          - Lets imagine that in order to melt and mold iron you would need a furnace that is essentially looking stone-made. To get the stone you need a stone cutter.