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Building resource costs...are you serious? [concluded]

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  • Building resource costs...are you serious? [concluded]

    it was already ridiculously hard to generate enough population/resource generation to maintain any sort of production. Now that my production buildings in my capital are level 6/7, its impossible to continue at any sort of reasonable pace. With balanced production (as the tutorial encourages), I'll be able to improve 1 building every 18 hours or so. And that's if I don't buy any troops, do any research, or use a ritual. And yes, I've already run my raids against the roman outposts for today, so I'm blocked from acquiring new resources in that fashion as well.

    Here's a game design hint for you....You should be able to generate enough resources during the construction time of a building to at least be close to starting the next building. When you make it impossible to advance in any semblance of reasonable time, people won't continue to play.
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    I hardly ever had a resource shortage.
    Often the rewards beat the construction cost, so not sure why its a problem with you.
    Did they change rewards or something?


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      Costs are a little up from your first arrival Ronintje, but then rewards are up too and we also provide a 40% cost reduction researches on anything.

      As to you dear a_jback - the tutorial simply teaches you to assign workers from the interface so you know how to do it. Keeping workers on all resources with an even number is inconsiderate at best. The beginning of the game is stone and wood intense, and quests keep up with the other resources. I've personally made sure almost everything in the game has information and tooltips so you have the information inside and not having to alt-tab like an idiot to know how much the next 3 levels of barracks are going to cost you. (what is usually offloaded to WIKI pages for many games) Also we are not providing you with a forced golden path, no one is stopping you from spending your resources on something not immediately important like an upper temple level, and then having to wait for hours until you get more to do other things. I play about 3 hours a day and I haven't stopped yet (I am one day into my second expansion.) Most of my buildings are 6s not 7s or 8s. The second expansion was more important than a few upper levels of stuff in the capitol. My construction cost reduction is lvl 10 and my research cost reduction is lvl 10. The reduced cost saved me 40'000 gold on palace alone. Which is about 1 day production at early game.

      Either way I get it that you are annoyed, but planning for these things is part of the game, we are trying not to baby-sit you guys as much as other competitors so the game actually has a bit of an edge to it. We've played so many games where set backs are just a frowny face with little to no loss. Aren't you sick of the games where you get 31 achievements and 22 applause for clicking 3 buttons, and nothing really ever challenges you? Npcs are there to give you a few easy fights a day, if you want loot go hunt people.

      Mostly people who use "finish now" a lot run out of resources, as they are supposed to. You don't want the guy with the 50$ more to spare to leap 2 weeks ahead of you do ya?

      In any event, we are smoothening these things out with time.

      P.S. Keep in mind this genre of game is not supposed to keep you playing all the time to begin with...

      I go to work, get a smoke break, start a few buildings, researches, npc attacks. work, wait for daily tasks and meetings to be distributed - play a little more, get back home, play a little more, take the kids back from school, play a little more, cook if its my turn, play a little more - end of day - repeat. Any extra time I have can go to espionage and finding people to loot. (which is a bit lacking we admit) but we are working on the extra tools to go with it.
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