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  • Military Points Inadequately Affected

    I had my entire army wiped out, yet my Military Points (MP) stayed roughly the same. So now my strength is deceptively inflated and I can no longer attack people who are truly my level (due to the 500,000 MP limit). I feel there's a need for you revisit this mechanic. I feel stuck because I can no longer farm the lower military people as I once did and I have no where near the military necessary to compete at my MP rank.

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    We have already revamped the MP system, we're trying to deploy within a month. Attack and defense grid is revamped as well.
    We are also optimizing the sys resources the game takes and its not stable yet.
    Also this is one of the fastest games in terms of recovering army. You are given enough space to maneuver under fire. Stashes, dungeons, army practice. and so on.
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