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  • Game won't load

    First off, i'm not really sure if i'm supposed to post here or not, but the forums seem to get feedback quicker than the actual support area, despite me believing it to be the same people.

    Anyways, I am using Chrome already. I personally believe that I may have done something to harm my account, making it difficult to log in. The last thing I did when I was signed in was leave my alliance, which I had made in order to complete the quest. However, I didn't want to stay in it in order to see if anyone else would take me. Anyways, once I hit the leave alliance button, the game began loading as it normally does when it does an action. I waited a bit and then I just refreshed the page and was unable to join again. I've done this in the past for minor things and it was alright, i'm unsure what the issue is now.
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    Admin was on your issue within 20 minutes of the time I spoke to you. If it isn't fixed yet, means its still being worked on.


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      I received a response a few hours ago, thank you!