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  • language and resources

    I had a bug while playing, the translation changed language automatically without asking, after I change the game language all my resources were reset.

    My nickname is DescanseEmPaz
    Last edited by Mateus Weber; 03-27-2016, 06:27 PM.

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    Well that certainly is the strangest bug I've heard of. And what do you mean by reset? Gone?


    • Mateus Weber
      Mateus Weber commented
      Editing a comment
      it was as if I were attacked in all my cities at the same time all the resources ran out, but it was not generated report fighting.
      Simply disappeared.
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    Sounds like a connection problem. The inetrface shows strange things when you can't get accurate information from the server. Are you sure this thing was permanent and didn't resolve it self the next time you logged in? I'll pass it on to the team any way, but finding it is going to be a hard unless it happens again.

    Plus i took a look at your cities now - they all have resources in them. You might want to build more stashes.
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      well, I wanted to have taken a picture of the page, I'm sorry.
      but no matter, if it happens again I will communicate immediately.
      the day it happened the bug I reported the other day thinking it was temporary, so when you saw my resources I was already dividing a attack I did.


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        I'm leaving the topic open in case you or anyone else gets more info on the matter.