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Major Update 1.2

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  • Major Update 1.2

    Hi everyone.

    As you've probably seen so far, The Romans have actually made a presence in game, which was about time, honestly. There is quite more of them to come, that will be rolled out a further ahead. Give us your opinion on the redesigns of various interfaces — most notably you can now view information on all units in the game via the information (?) icon on every unit- inside there are 3 tabs on the left for Regular, Racial and Roman units.
    The major feature we took our sweet time with is the Battle Replay, which you can find in any one of your battle reports. The army has been fighting this way since the beginning, but we had a lot of work to do before we could present it to you.
    There are still a ton of improvements we have lined up for the entire battle module, but we felt you guys should see as soon as possible. Obviously the animations are rudimentary and the camera pan will follow the action better with the coming updateg. But for now its enough for you to experiment with formation and tell us what you think. Our beloved designers has been locked in a bloody battle with the quest system, all of which have taken a heavy beating. Alas the quests still have a little further to go to reach their best form. — We will get back to you on that. A new march type is coming the next few days, along with fixes for the bugs you guys send us.

    - Gratias!

    Again want to thank you for your feedback and your time. As usual you can reach us via the support button on the Gamgos bar (the sliding bar on top), or you can talk directly to the person who invited you.


    MtR Team
    You can contact us on our Support website:

    Or Support's Email