Hello everyone,

Here’s what this update brings:

New features:

-Rename alliance castle.
-If the attacker sends much less army than the defender has in defense - the resulting battle is a crushing defeat and no longer shows how much army the defender has. Instead the attacker gets a simple text report.
-You can no longer see army inside a castle by fighting a raid outside the castle.
-You can no longer see enemy recovery numbers in battle report.
-Alliance info bar (xp and mp and banner) now has tooltips with all information.


-New move army interface.
-New hide army interface.

Bugs fixed:

-Set an appropriate image for finish now in headquarters.
-Alliance building info now shows correct prices and data.
-Ranking pages broke on some occasions.
-Sending marches didn’t display costs accurately, and at many occasions didn’t even charge the cost.
-Text spacing in global messages and personal messages reply was excessive.
-Last levels of buildings made infinite loading circles when clicked.
-Clicking on players on the map showed tooltips about npc limits.
-Tutorial pointer arrow didn’t always resolve.
-Armory upgrade font was black and unreadable.