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A new update in Mach to Rome - 10/7/2015

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  • A new update in Mach to Rome - 10/7/2015

    Update notes

    • Fixed - Battering Ram and Cargo Cart having the same Icon
    • Fixed - Capital storage capacity from the palace. Went missing last time around.
    • Fixed - Rituals speed bonus was reversed
    • Fixed - Some armory bonuses were broken
    • Fixed – Paging issues after running research
    • Fixed Train Units bugs:
    -After starting unit training – the slider resets but the queues remain the same
    - Fixed – Training cap modifier bug
    • ADDED Full units list in spy attack target
    • Towers – added to Battle Reports
    • Fixed – Rankings Paging ; ADDED search and auto-selected user
    • Fixed – some CSS RTL issues
    • Fixed – Offer to buy food when there isn’t enough
    • Fixed – City switched in map wasn’t working as it used to