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Major update - 1.5

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  • Major update - 1.5

    Ave esteemed Sovereign,

    Thanks to you and the rest of the awesome community, many bugs have been squashed. Five new races have been introduced. Interfaces, building art, armies and the economy have been improved.

    Here is what we’ve worked on since our last message:

    • Introduced Siege - take castles from other players.
    • Units Upkeep, increases notably (there was a bug drastically reducing armies upkeep.)
    • Units Map Speed, units are slowed down to make way for the unit speed research and armory speed upgrades that everyone used to ignore.
    • Added more quests.
    • Walls now break and have to be repaired (they are all repaired together).
    • Buildings Art has been improved.
    • Banner Generator – added many new selection options – and fixed a few bugs.
    • Espionage reports languages are fixed and no longer mixup. (old reports will not be refreshed, just the new ones will arrive properly)
    • City Market had a more than a few bugs, we got most of them out. You still may get a message in a wrong language - we are working on it.
    • Some benefits moved from University and Palace buildings to Researches – overall balance hasn’t changed – numbers were just moved from one place to another.
    • Ritual tooltips were updated with their actual values. (the old were wrong, you still get the same benefits and amounts)
    • Supply Wagons Description at Army Formation – is finally fixed.
    • Several missing icons were fixed.
    • The lost golden border (visual) for “empire” benefits has been recovered, it came with a curse that infected research and armory queues – as you will see.
    • Fixed the wall name on hover.
    • The mouse-wheel has been restored as a zoom mechanism everywhere. We broke it for a while due to game optimizations.
    • The minimap was made a bit more usable, now you can move it. We will vastly improve it with time.
    • Costs often broke down and didn’t display properly in red or white – they are fixed.
    • Chat and Messages text is now selectable – there is no right-click but you can CTRL+C, CTRL+V.
    • Battle Replay broke down often for FIREFOX, we’ve optimized it and fixed a few issues.
    • By now you would probably have noticed all towers can be upgraded like the wall (all at the same time).

    The MtR team

    You can contact us on our Support website:

    Or Support's Email