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Major update: 1.4

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  • Major update: 1.4

    Hi everyone,

    It’s been a fix intensive time since last patch. We’ve received a lot of feedback and among bug fixes, we’ve started implementing optimizations so the game can run easier on your machines.
    Along with that we’ve completed the Deserter and Army Practice mechanics:

    Now when you run out of gold or food, the game will give you a warning and some time, to resolve the situation. If you don’t take care of the economy and can’t pay/feed your soldiers – Some of them will run away from you and form a camp near your city.
    If you can afford it you can negotiate with them and pay something to get them back. (Much cheaper than training new ones.) When deserters form a camp you are the only one who can use it for the first 24 hours, then for another 24h they also become visible and available to everybody on the world map, giving other players the opportunity to buy them at discount prices.

    From the Army / City Garrison interface - on the left of the dungeon button there was a “coming soon!” icon that now will open the army practice menu. By using it you can send your army to practice maneuvers in a safe location for a selected time. This will guarantee they are safe from fighting for the duration. However it also guarantees they won’t be in your castle to defend it if anyone comes knocking. It’s a good way to make sure your armies are safe if you need to be away for a couple of days.
    We are planning a new international server as “First Blood” is almost full these days. The game is being translated to more languages and the community is growing step by step.

    the MtR Team
    You can contact us on our Support website:

    Or Support's Email