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  • Everything about Gemstones

    Gemstones are the premium currency in March to Rome game. It can be used to get extras when playing the game.
    What are they good for?

    You can expedite most tasks in your empire. Such as construction - in this case making the lumbermill 15 minutes earlyer costs 19.

    Finish Research Sooner

    Finish units sooner

    An asortment of extras

    Global announcements in chat (can only be used with purchased gems to cut down spam) This is the one and only thing earned gems from the game cannot be used for.

    You can get a resource boost every once in a while

    Improve your chest from daily rewards

    How to get them?

    1. Play the game - and blitz through the quests:

    2. Purchase some

    And don't forget extras are not a signed guarantee for victory - people can still defeat you.
    You can contact us on our Support website:

    Or Support's Email